Get results
with NFC business cards

With one tap, NFC smart business cards allow you to wirelessly send your information directly to your contact’s mobile phone –

  • Share your contact details
  • Direct people to your social media pages
  • Share exclusive offers/discounts
  • Build your email marketing database
  • And much more

All of our cards include indivdually designed profile pages to perfectly match your branding.

Smart business card being tapped on phone


How does they work?

An NFC or ‘Near Field Communications’ business card wirelessly sends your information direct to your contacts’ mobile phone. You simply tap the card on any compatible phone, and a link will open up with all your contact details.

Designed to fit your brand

Easily designed to match your branding. Cards are available in various materials including plastic, metal or wood.

Better for the environment

24 million printed business cards are thrown away every day! Smart cards can be used again and again, so you only need one!

Easily update your details

One of the advantages of smart cards is they need never be out of date. If anything changes your profile can be updated easily.



What about QR codes?

Oh, don’t worry, QR Codes are almost always included on the reverse of smart business cards as a fall-back option for some older phones.

NFC’s and QR Codes compliment each other perfectly.

Still need printed cards?

That’s fine, you can include the same QR Code on your printed cards and your customers can simply scan to add your details. Why not order printed cards with your NFC business card/cards.

Smart business card showing side with QR code


Are you ready to step into the world of smart business cards?

No problem, fill in this short form and we’ll get back to you asap.

Whether you need 1 card, 100 cards or more, will design and supply your smart business card/cards. We’ll also create a bespoke online profile that matches the design of your card. And, all the cards we supply are ‘unlocked’ and can be re-written as required – so they never go out of date!

Of course, we still design and supply printed business cards – including QR Codes wherever required.

Don’t forget to tick the ‘tell me more…” checkbox for more ways this technology can help your business. Don’t worry, you won’t get hit with lots of emails – we hate that as much as you do!

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